About Crampe Stahl GmbH Germany

What you should know about Crampe Stahl GmbH

As a traditional owner-run company in the steel trade, the name Crampe stands for close and long-established relationships with our customers and suppliers in a highly competitive market.


The company Crampe Stahl GmbH was founded in 2003, but the Crampe family has been in the steel business since 1958. Owner Thomas Crampe started out in the business in the mid-1980s and works closely with a large number of long-standing, satisfied customers. Crampe Stahl GmbH’s focus lies on the export of structural steel products, mainly from Poland to Scandinavia.


Thomas Crampe has extensive knowledge in the steel industry, in both the fields of production and trade. He acts as a consultant for a number of companies.


We advise and support you on the basis of our profound expertise and in-depth technical knowledge. Trust in our decades of experience.